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Although the Auto key programmer

Although the ATV Quad and be an ordinary small car compared to public market, but this does not prevent the field in the ATV will be born out of many of the best manufacturers, Polaris is one of them. Auto key programmer The company recently announced its 2012 product line, as many as 19 new ATV will debut next year, for ATV fans for this is a very good news, here take a look at all will bring Polaris What are the new products. Although many new cars, but in 2012 the only count on the new series is the Ranger Crew Diesel, which is Polaris and the third paragraph of diesel vehicles over seat Moped Motorcycles.

Dynamic aspects, Ranger Crew Diesel engine and Ranger Diesel (last listed) the same, are 904cc Yanmar three-cylinder diesel engine, this ATV can accommodate six adults. Code scanner To reduce vibration, the engine and the body is fixed using rubber material, and low-speed torque of this engine is very powerful. Ranger Crew Diesel uses a double A-arm independent suspension, front and rear suspension stroke were 24.4cm and 22.7cm, ground clearance of up to 29.2cm. This ATV also features another all-wheel drive system, body painting is the use of bright green.

More familiar to the Polaris Ranger RZR family, people will know that in 2008, called the launch of the Ranger RZR is the most famous brand products, Polaris in 2012, this series also made some upgrades. The biggest change comes from the Ranger RZR XP 900, this ATV with a Fox 2.0 shock absorbers, steering is more sensitive than older models. In addition RZR 800, RZR S 800, Digimaster III RZR 4 800 and RZR 4 800 EPS were also launched the 2012 version, in the heat insulation and noise control to do better. All models are RZR series with a classic red paint, the other Polaris also offers a number of individual body color.

Polaris Sportsman XP 850 is the flagship product, the Street Bike Motorcycle is one of the most powerful driving force, first appeared in 2009. 2012 Sportsman XP 850 is still using direct-injection V-twin engine, and the intake system has been optimized to enhance the power of about 9%. The power upgrade involves Sportsman XP 850, Sportsman XP 850 EPS and Sportsman Touring 850 three models. Outlaw series in 2012 did not usher in change, Outlaw 450 MXR and Outlaw 525 S is still maintained 2011 edition, while the Outlaw 525 IRS is about to withdraw from the market. But Outlaw series will still exist in the entry-level Polaris Youth ATV will be a family, Outlaw 50 and Outlaw 90, the other in this series also includes Sportsman 90 and the Ranger RZR 170 models.Launch x431